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If you’ve ever scrolled through your Instagram newsfeed and seen a picture of a humongous, over-the-top milkshake which looks like it could potentially give you diabetes, chances are, you’ve seen one of The Benjamin’s milkshakes.

The Benjamin’s is a cozy café located in Forum, and it’s best known for their milkshakes. Although known as a cafe, they do also have a pretty good range of hot food that will fill your tummy and keep you satiated – a lot more variety than the typical sandwiches and salads, which is definitely a plus in our books!

Today, we were here to try The Benjamin’s new set menu. Priced at just $35++, you get to try a total of 6 different dishes. Definitely worth it if you ask us!

The first dish on the menu was Sous Vide Eggs & Soldiers. You get sous vide eggs, chopped bacon, mayo, parmigiana, and chives in a cup, and you can dip your breadsticks in to soak up all the goodness. Slightly reminiscent of our familiar Yakun breakfast, and we did enjoy the crunchiness of the breadsticks.

Next was the Mushroom Risotto Cup – the risotto was creamy and not overly salty, and we thought it was a good move to limit diners to a smaller portions, because a larger serving would run the risk of having diners being overly satiated!

For your mains, the Benjamins' lets you choose between the Spicy Chilli Crab roll, Lobster roll, Sizzling Seafood Okonomiyaki or Butter Chicken Roll. Our two favourites were the Chilli Crab roll and the Seafood Okonomiyaki!

The Chilli Crab roll consists of spicy chilli crab chunks and scrambled eggs. Moreover, chilli crab deshelled, come on! An awesome dish just because we get to have one of our favourite foods with so much less effort. The Benjamins played their cards right this time round.

The Lobster roll looked like it was going to be a serious contender for favourite dish, but the bits of celery mixed in together with the grilled lobster head and butter sauce put some of us off. For all the veggie-haters out there, steer clear!

The Butter Chicken roll, with spicy homemade butter chicken, tzatziki and papadum was flavourful and pretty good as well, but couldn’t compete with the Chill Crab. 

A close up view 

Last but not least, all present at our table agreed unanimously that we loved the Sizzling Seafood Okonomiyaki! Unlike the typical okonomiyakis that you get in other restaurants, this version contains minimal cabbage. Instead, it’s chockfull of seafood, shredded yam, and omelette. This was unexpectedly delicious!

For desserts – the first of which was the Rainbow Bowl! Comprising of an assortment of fruits and chia seeds, this is one dessert that you can definitely have second servings of, and still not feel guilty about. Nothing too special, but refreshing nonetheless. The Rainbow Shooters are the same, presented in a compact version for easy consumption.

Our second dessert dish was the Nutella Ganache Waffles with Avocado Cream. The waffles were pretty light and fluffy, but we would have preferred a more generous amount of avocado cream on them!

Last but not least was the Thai Milk Tea Tea-ra-mi-su, which ended up being everyone’s favourite dessert. The combination of the flavourful, yet not too sweet milk tea and the mascarpone cheese is absolutely delicious! Time to head down to Forum now?

We also had a go at White Grape Soda with Torched Meringue ($9.50), which is a newly-launched drink (not in the set). This was topped with mint leaves and a great, and refreshing end to the entire meal.

The Benjamins’ new set menu is available from 18th April onwards. Make your way down to Forum to try some great food (and to get your Instagram-worthy pictures!)

overall review: shauneeie3.5hands. We love that you get to try so many different things with their latest set menu. Regardless of whether you’re more of a sweet or savoury person, there’s definitely something for you!

The Benjamins
583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884
nearby mrt: orchard

Tel: 6887 4117

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