Shiberty Bakes @ Owen Road - Chio-bu baker opens her cafe in the heartland

It’s a known fact that Shiberty, bakes. Only this time, these words have inspired Jessica Loh to open a new café along Owen Road. It has been opened for slightly over a week, and it’s drawing a steady stream of café-hoppers.

The name? Shiberty Bakes. The theme? Oh, it’s every Instagrammer’s paradise.

Think minimalism. White walls fitted with incandescent light bulbs, which make great #throwback to the past. Inspirational canvas art, simple botany and styling with wooden furniture make the café look great on Instagram. So guys, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve got natural lighting and props to make your photo look #instaworthy.

There’s no guesswork about the menu because it’s guilty pleasure for the sweet tooth. At the counter, the cakes and macarons are Jessica’s de facto desserts. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the Salted Egg ($2) option. The shell is light and crispy with a soft and chewy interior that leaves a hint of salted egg aftertaste.

Concurrently, we had the Classic Shiberty Toast ($16). It’s made up of buttered toast, served with berries, a scoop of sea salt caramel and vanilla ice cream. Drizzle over some maple honey and you have enough sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Hopping onto the over-the-top trend, there are OTT milkshakes that make your calories count.The Matcha Milkshake ($9) was surprisingly delicious with a smooth texture that’s not rich and overpowering at all. As a fan of matcha, I put my stamp of approval on this drink.

Alternatively, go for the Gourmet Waffles ($14) with three options featuring Buttermilk, Red Velvet and Charcoal. We had the Charcoal option, which fared well with a crispy and fluffy texture.

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. Shiberty Bakes is nothing short of insta-worthiness – that’s for sure. In fact, it’s a baker’s goal to make his/her cakes and desserts look as good as they taste. For what she has achieved, it’s inspiring to see another blogger reach her goal. To sum up, the the menu available will satisfy the sweet teeth for sure. Don't bother appearing if you're no fan of sweet stuffs.

Shiberty Bakes
46 Owen Road, #01-277,
Singapore 210046
nearby mrt: Farrer Park

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