3 atas coffee places to chill after lunch around Amoy & Telok Ayer

I guess many working adults around the CBD will know of Amoy Market. Well, we fight through the crowds, queue up for that cheap hawker eats and consume your lunch within 40 minutes. After which we will walk around trying to find a cooler place for some coffee talks o before the grueling afternoon shift begins.

While there are cheap kopi places like Nanyang Coffee, Old Tea Hut and Coffee Hive around the area, sometimes all we need is a cup of Latte or Mocha to perk yourself up. With so many bistros / cafes to choose from, which one do you choose along Amoy and Telok Ayer ?

Here are my 3 favourites:

1. Elements and Co

Along Cecil Street, Elements and Co is rather new entrant to the cafes around the CBD. While their coffee is quite yums, what i liked is their coffee special which comes with a coffee beverage and a pastry for only $5. Quite affordable if you ask me.

2. Dapper Coffee

Nestled up on the second floor along the shophouses of Amoy Street, this coffee joint by day and bar by night concept is slowly becoming a hit with office goers around the area. Honestly, my first coffee experience at Dapper wasn't great, but my latter experiences has more than made up for it. That mocha is prolly worth your every penny and their cakes seem to be a hit among the working crowd.

3. Sarnies

Prolly one of the oldest yet still the busiest coffee places to go to for a coffee break along the stretch. My coffee has always come out perfect here and the only complain would be the lack of seats during lunch time.

While there are many other cafes and bistros along the stretches around Amoy, so many have disappoint and prolly not worth shelving $5 bucks for a cuppa. Let me know where are your favorites so i can go try them too!


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