Afterwit Café @ North Bridge Road – Mexican Halal Food

Hola amigos! Opened by the folks behind (working title), Afterwit Café specialises in dishing out Mexican food in Halal style. Located on North Bridge Road in the Arab precinct, Afterwit offers a cosy, intimate setting with no shortage of creativity on the menu. 

For those who are looking to enjoy some quiet moments with friends, the café has a nice mix of sofas and industrial furniture that lets you sink in comfort all day long. Along with the comfortable sofas, the café also plays host to a range of board games to keep you entertained while dining. 

Go for the Lychee Mojito ($7), which sounds bright, refreshing and delicious in theory. Throw in some cucumber chunks and fresh mint leaves and you’ll have the perfect summer drink. But I just wished that the drink could incorporate more refreshing variations with cucumber and mint leaves. Nonetheless, nothing cools you faster than a cold, blended drink.

Nachos de Pollo Cajun (Nachos with Cajun Chicken) ($15- $17) is certainly something you woudn’t eat on your own because the portion is generous! Listed on the Sharing Menu, it’s meant to be shared anyway.  Tortilla chips topped with grilled Cajun chicken chunks, guacamole, jalapenos and not forgetting the main highlight, NACHO CHEESE. 

Quasadillas con Cangrejo Guacamole ($18) is a dish made up of oven-baked and grilled tortillas with cheddar and mozzarella served with guacamole and sour cream. It fills your stomach very quickly because of the cheesy filling. This dish is great for sharing, with bang for one’s buck. 

Duck a lal Mango Tacos ($15-$17) is dish that bursts with rich, bold flavours. It’s innovative, no less but the mango puree’s sweetness didn’t sit well with me. Here’s my two cents’ worth. Perhaps the folks could blend the mango a little longer for a thinner texture. Alternatively, the meat could taste better with just a brush of mango puree.  

For dessert, Churros with Thai Milk Tea Dip ($12) is a dessert dish that can be eaten on a separate occasion. After all those carb binging from the starters and the mains, it’s not really a good idea to add to your carbo overload, isn’t? Above all, these churros spell nothing short of decadence with every bite and a choice of dip: Milo, Salted Caramel or Thai Milk Tea Dip. 

Overall review: shauneeie3.5 hands. Afterwit Café is a great spot that gathers people together over tacos, sharing platters and carb indulgence. It prides on a menu that offers a variety of sharing dishes, with board games to delight diners. 

Afterwit Mexican Taqueria
778 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198746
Nearby MRT: Bugis

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