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If you are that adventurous coffer lover who never seems to be satisfied with the limited range of coffee in Singapore, then you are in for a treat! The newest player in the market allows you to buy your own unique, top quality coffee bean and blends from roster-owned cafes from London to Melbourne as well as Singapore to Beijing through their web and mobile platform! With one easy tap, you are on your way to tasting the world’s best coffee.

We are glad to be invited to the official launch of at the Capitol Theater. It was indeed the perfect classy place to go with the high quality coffee! The place was buzzing with excited instagramers and bloggers, everyone had your phones and cameras ready to capture the picture perfect moments of the cold brew coffee and the charming Bosnian-born Australian coffee man, Sasa Sestic.

Besides introducing the faces behind the, an inspiring 2hours documentary on Sasa’s journey to becoming the World Barista Champion was featured. I believe the documentary touched many hearts just like how it touched mine. 

We saw how Sasa battled countless disappointments and setbacks, including mixing up his blend at the competition and a murder of his Ethiopian friend (Coffee farm owner). No matter how harsh the conditions were, he never gave up. His determination was shown throughout the documentary where he will travel on the rockiest roads; visit the most dangerous countries such as Colombia as well as neglecting his health just to search and produce the perfect coffee blend. As the saying goes, “you reap what you sow”. All the sweat and tears he sowed into looking for the best coffee seeds and blends gave him the best coffee in the world and made him the coffee man.

The word “best” is rather subjective. How would you define the best coffee? Is it the hard work and extreme meticulousness behind making that cup of coffee or just simply it’s aromatic bitter flavor? At the event, we tasted Cafebond’s cold brew coffee and I would say it is the best of both worlds! As the coffee beans did not go into contact with hot water, the beans retained its slightly sweet flavor. Moreover, by brewing them in cold water, the chemical profile of beans were changed, giving it an even sweeter taste, resulting in a better tasting coffee. This is indeed a tedious process, as the conditions have to be carefully monitored. 

When I first open the cold brew coffee offered at the event, the rich aroma released made the coffee irresistible! At the first sip it was a little bitter but from the second sip onwards, the sweetness kicks in and I was hooked! I would say it was a good balance of bitter and sweet. I personally dislike really bitter coffee but the cold brew was just fine! Also, it is less acidic; it lacks that crisp and sharp sensation on the tongue, which you get when you drink a fine Arabian coffee. I personally prefer less acidic coffee as it not only allows me to better savour the flavor, it also cuts down my chances of getting heartburn (which I regularly do if I consume acidic coffee). The best thing about it is that it’s sugar free! Knowing that I can save on the calories, I enjoyed a few more bottles at the event! 

The official launch of was indeed an eye-opener. Who would have known the amount of hard work behind the world’s best coffee! I am definitely getting my hands on the coffee bean and blends from when they start taking online orders next month! 


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