Craftsmen Specialty Coffee @ Goldhill Plaza - Popular eastie cafe found its way nearer to town

Nestled at the corner of Gold Hill Plaza, lies a new outlet of a popular cafe. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee may be well known among the easterners as it started from a flagship outlet in Siglap before expanding to Eastwood and finally to a more centralised location - Novena! Living up to its name of being Craftsmen, they came up with a NEW menu, serving burgers, Spaghetti and Flatbread. 

The star of the dish was the thick homemade beef patty – Mr Craftsmen Burger.  At the first bite, you could tell it was quality beef. Even though it was minced, it didn't lose its tender texture and retained all the juices that a sirloin beef should have. Overall I enjoyed this savoury dish very much

This Craftsmen Cheese Burger  is similar to Mr. Craftsmen Burger just with cheese in it. I would love to think that it is Mr. Craftsmen Burger 2.0, new and improved version!  The pepper jack cheese gave the entire burger an extra punch by adding a salty yet slightly peppery sensation. The cheese did not overpower the burger but instead enhanced the savouriness of it! For those who love cheese in their burgers, this is a definite must-try!

At first sight the Beef Stew Spaghetti does look appetising with the huge chunks of beef and shredded Parmesan cheese as toppings. However, it tasted more like spaghetti Bolognese due to the thick meaty sauce. 

The second pasta dish was much better though. The White Wine Prawn Spaghetti, sea prawns were really succulent and crunchy; in fact I felt that it was the prawns that saved this dish. The spaghetti did had that slight hint of wine flavor and if you’re one alcoholic, this could be your thing.

Kimchi Flatbread was the favourite of the day! I personally loved how they paired the thick pork bratwurst with a thin slice of grilled back bacon. As sinful as it sounds, it’s delicious. The spicy-sour kimchi balanced out the saltiness of this dish rather well, making you crave for more after the first bite. If you are on a diet, you definitely have to try this on your cheat days. It is worth the calories. 

Overall review: shauneeie3.5hands Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is a great place for you to chill out with good food and good company. The burgers and flatbread on their new menu are worth a try. If your're here for something light, there's always their coffee, waffles and churros.

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Craftsmen Specialty Coffee
Gold Hill Plaza
173 Thomson Rd, 307623
nearby mrt: Novena

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