Fika Cafe @ Beach Road - Swedish cafe serving a Halal menu. Better than Ikea?

Serving traditional authentic Swedish cuisine, Fika is probably one of the best places in Singapore for you to savour Swedish food. Historically, Swedish cuisine has not been as popular as other European fare. Although it seems simpler in cooking, our experience at Fika proves that Swedish grub is definitely anything but ordinary! Did you know, Fika's menu is Halal? yes you can even bring your muslim friends to brunch here! 

Obvious from our dishes, potatoes are the main sources of carbohydrates in a Swedish diet, but you can be rest assured it is definitely worth the calories! Well, most of them.

Pytt i Panna, which translates into “small pieces in a pan”, is a very common plate on Swedish dinner tables and a traditional comfort food. Served with sautéed diced beef PLUS a sunny side up egg, the diced potatoes cubes were successfully infused with the fragrance of beef and delectably immersed in the runny yolk - this was a definite guilty pleasure!

Another classic Swedish dish, you have to give the Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar Med Persiljepotatis Och Lingonsylt) a try at Fika. Drenched in creamy gravy and served with lingonberry jam, these meatballs can certainly give the ones at Ikea a run for their money. 

I am a huge fan of bread and toasts and this Skagen Toast is definitely the cherry on the cake for our meal! Yet another classic Swedish dish and known to symbolise elegance, this dish is indeed a refined combination of toast and Swedish shrimps!

Last but not least, the Swedish hot chocolate was literally a hot favourite and very on point. It was not too sweet, not too gelat, and was silky smooth. If this hot chocolate is made exclusive to some Swedish recipe, we will definitely be heading back for more.

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. Fika did not disappoint with its wide offerings of Swedish delicacies. If you are looking for a refreshing yet casual European dining experience, Fika is definitely worth a try! Moreover, with Fika’s huge variety and emphasis on authenticity, it seems as if we attended a lesson on the Swedish culture just by sampling the food itself! 

Certainly can’t wait for our next Swedish lesson!

Smaklig måltid!
(Bon appetit!)

Fika Singapore
257 Beach Rd
nearby mrt: Cityhall

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