Hash Specialty Coffee & Roaster @ Hardware St - Hidden gem in central Melbourne

Not quite sure why this cafe isn't that hyped up yet, but it is definitely one of the best find during our recent trip to melbourne.

Located along Hardware street, Hashtag Specialty Coffee is just a few doors down from its other famous cousin - hardware societe.

The first thing that caught our eye upon entering was that hot chocolate. Served in a conical flask and a cup filled with cotton candy - you get to play with your food by pouring the thick chocolate into the cup and dissolving the sweets. Simple yet oh so fun.

Apart from the eye catching beverage, we had a couple of their mains . Pairing different flavours and exciting them brunch style, i can see why we had to wait almost 30mins even when it was past brunch hours.

From the mains to Hash Specialty Coffee's dessert. Summer waffles they call it. At first glance, we expected it to be overly sweet but on the contrary, just nice, a good mix of citrus that compliments well with the waffle. Effort for presentation as well.

Hash's interiors are kinda chill and dim. Not the most fancy decorated cafes around but still might beat many of the cafes back home here in Singapore. Summing up my visit here at Hash Specialty Coffee - thinking of visiting a cafe in Melbourne? A must visit if you're around the area.

Hash Specialty Coffee
113 Hardware St, 
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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