Singapore Favourite Food Village 2016 (22-31 Jul) @ Rochor Event Space - 7 die-die-must-try dishes?

Feast your eyes and taste buds at the 2016 rendition of Singapore Favourite Food Village right outside Bugis MRT happening now till 31 Jul daily from 5pm - 11pm!  Featuring over 20 culinary partners, you can satisfy your tummies with Old Favorites (traditional local food), Modern Takes (modern-Singapore creations) and On-the-go (food trucks and pop-up cafes). 

With so many choices, we had a really hard time deciding which ones we like best, but here are the 7die die must tries we have “painstakingly” curated for you!

1. Salted egg carrot cake ($6)
Definitely the crowd-pleaser of the night, there was already a snaking queue at about 5pm. Serving delicious white carrot cake that screams old school delight, the generous salted egg sauce was really the cherry on top. One word – shiok!

2. Calamansi tart ($5.80)
There’s something about a calamansi dessert that lends itself to the sweetness of sugar or honey a little better than with lemons, limes, oranges. If you love something sweet, sour and fruity, this beautiful creation is a must try!

3. Pulut hitam and matcha dirt cake ($3)
If you love all things pretty or looking for something instagrammable worthy, this is definitely one affordable cake that is worth your money and calories.

4. Laksa ($5)
It’s hard to find a laksa that is gao and flavourful but wow this laksa did not disappoint at all! A huge bowl for just $5 and chock full of liao, it is more than enough for two people!

5. Popiah + Soup Combi ($7.40)  
At an affordable price of $7.40, you get to choose from a wide variety of soups and popiah choices available! We thought that we were going to get just a popiah with soup, boy did it surpass our expectations! We had the boston clam chowder with the sweet thai chicken popiah. The popiah creation was an interesting fusion between a burrito and a traditional popiah, and it has definitely proven itself worthy with its delectable combination of lettuce, sauce and juicy chicken.

6. Assam fish pizza ($5)
Nothing packs a punch like a bowl of Assam Fish Curry, but how about your fish curry on a pizza? We definitely love fusion foods so this is worth a try!

7. Pork belly ($4) 
This was our top favourite for the evening. With melt-in-your-mouth pork belly topped with flavourful sauces and mustard, we devoured this sinful pleasure within minutes! But you are warned, the oh-so-flavourful samba sauce on the white pork belly might be explosively spicy for some. Nonetheless, those who try it will regret nothing. 

Are you salivating yet?

Head down to SFFF2016 now! Enjoy a relaxed dining experience under the sheltered tentages or if you wish, at the alfresco area with the food trucks or pop-up cafes! But do remember to head there early!

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