Steam Box @ Serangoon Gardens - Super healthy steamboat die die also must try

If you think that Steamboat healthy? Well, Steam Box will to prove you wrong.  Hailing from Hong Kong, Steam Box embraces high speed steaming to cook your food and this concept is widely known as “Steam Potting”. 

Good news to those who made a new years resolution to be a healthier you! Steam potting does not marinate their food with sauces or pre-fry/grilled them! It is 100% clean eating! So here is how it works:

Order all your raw ingredients from the menu and it will be served to you shortly on various coloured plates.

Before the actual steaming starts, the friendly waitresses will prepare a congee of your choice for you! We picked the century egg porridge that has other ingredients such as Pork Ribs and Parsley ($15). There is a more expensive choice ($18), which includes Clams and Dried Scallop! 

So they will pour in the raw rice, ingredients of the porridge and broth to base of the pot. Then cover it with a perforated tray where you will put the raw ingridents on for steaming! As you steam your food, the juices will drip down to the porridge, adding flavors to it. 

Unlike the Japanese restaurants, the colour plates indicate the amount of time needed to cook the respective ingredients and not the price. Thus, it is highly recommended to cook the ingredients on the same colour plate together! It takes a mere 2-6mins to cook the dishes! 

Out of all the dishes we had, my favourites were the Marinated Ginger Chicken Thigh with Wolfberry ($9), Marinated Bamboo Clam ($18), Australia Premium Prime Short Rib ($22) and Marinated Minced Pork with Premium Salted Fish ($8). Even though the meat was not heavily seasoned, they were still tasty. Looks like steaming really helps the meat retain all their natural juices, nutrients and tenderness!

What is a Hong Kong cuisine without Dim Sum! And guess what, you get to steam your own Dim Sum as well! I would recommend the fully packed goodness-Chicken Bundle With Yam and Carrot ($5.80), unique and flavourful Otah Siew Mai ($4.80) and of course the classic Creamy Egg Custard Bun ($4.80)! 

If at any point in time, your taste buds crave for a stronger flavour, there is a whole range of condiments for you to choose from! This includes homemade Sambal Chilli, Seafood Spicy and Sour Sauce and Black Pepper Meat Sauce. 

Feeling full already? The meal is not over! It’s time to eat the congee which has been cooking and absorbing all the juicy goodness at the bottom of the pot! Even though it was pretty good and satisfying, it wasn’t as flavourful as I expected it to be. 

Overall Review: shauneeie4hands. Steam Box is definitely worth a try due to its interesting concept. If you are embarking on a healthy diet, this is a good way to start! However, if you are someone who has a strong taste bud, the food may be a little too bland for your liking.  You have heard of Steamboat and Mookata so why not give Steam-potting a try too! 

Steam Box
68 Serangoon Garden Way,
Singapore 555962

Phone: 6281 6939
nearby mrt: serangoon (gotta bus in abt 15mins)

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