5 things to look out for at the Epicurean Market 2016 @ MBS

Marina Bay Sands’ Epicurean Market is back again! The great thing about it, is that you get to eat from the best European restaurants without burning a hole in your wallet!  

 Taking place from 13-14 August 2016, the Epicurean Market consist of booths that offer a range of exquisite bites-- from the Lobster Roll and other Asian American dishes at Adrift by David Myers to sippin’ a glass of lemon bourbon bulleit at The World Class Bar.  You can expect an endless range of food to indulge it! Here are 5 things to look out for at this year’s Epicurean Market
1. Adrift by David Myers

Enjoy dishes prepared using fresh California produce, with Asian inspiration. A must try would be their Lobster Roll($12)! 

A perfectly toasted bun generously filled with fresh juicy lobster coated with wasabi mayo. The wasabi mayo encompasses the salty juices of the lobster really well and the crispy bun adds a crunch to the entire experience. This is easily our favourite dish of the day!

2. Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay
Unfortunately Gordon Ramsay won't be there, but his chefs are equally good! We tried the most raved about Fish and Chips($14) as well as the Pork Slider Burger($12)! The fish batter was really tasty and crispy, though the meaty part of the fish was a little thin. No doubt their thick cut American fries were good!

I personally prefered the Pork Slider Burger over the Fish and Chips. Though they used pork belly, there were very minimal fatty parts. As your teeth sinks through the soft fluffy burger bun, you will be greeted with a crispy thin skin and juicy, tender meat. Yum!

3. YardBird Southern Table & Bar
The classic down-home cuisine of this James Beard Foundation Award Semi-finalist for “Best New Restaurant South”. We tried the Lewellyn’s Fried Chicken, Watermelon and Waffles(&12)! Warm fluffy waffles served alongside savoury Fried Chicken is the best idea ever! After that sinful combination, “healthify” your meal with a few cubes of  juicy watermelons! Keep your eyes peeled as they will be opening in Singapore next year!

4. Farmer’s Market
We love fresh food and that’s why Farmer’s market is the best place for you to shop for groceries! You can get quality vegetables, juicy fruits  and fresh seafood!  As you shop, feel free to ask questions and sample the food! The staff there are extremely friendly!

5. The World Class Bar
Yep, you heard it right. They call themselves The World Class Bar, aiming to give their patrons a world class experience. The bartenders were extremely friendly and helpful. They showed us a list of recommended drinks and when none of it appeal to us, they suggested customised drinks. We tried the lemon bourbon bulleit ($15) which is slightly sweet. Their specially curated drinks includes Singleton Tropical Sour, Tanqua Ten & Tonic and Pimm’s Golden Cup

That's just a glimpse of what’s happening over at the Epicurean Market this weekend!  Besides feasting, there’ll be many activities to take part in — dance off your calories at the after-parties, sip on handcrafted cocktails and watch celebrity chef in action at the Masterclasses!
Get your tickets to Epicurean Market 2016 assp as the market closes this Sunday! Each ticket is a 3-day pass that costs $35, and include a pair of Schott Zwiesel champagne flutes worth $46, and entry to the After Parties on August 12 and 13, from 10pm – 2am. See you there! :) 

this post is written by Shermaine Toh, part of #teamshauneeie.


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