Brownice italian Bistro @ East Coast – Vegan food anyone ?

If some of you are wondering, veganism is not just no-meat, but no milk, cheese, eggs and all other animal products. It seems unlikely for any bistro to be able to serve up sumptuous Italian food without using animal products altogether, but perhaps Brownice has proven us wrong? 

Brownice Italian Bistro boasts 2 outlets located at Katong and Sin Ming, advocating a vegan and healthy concept. While the Sin Ming outlet serves only waffles and ice cream, the Katong one serves up a complete menu ranging from lasagnes to pizzas. 

Their signature Truffle Fries is topped with home-made vegan cheese, and to be honest I couldn’t even taste the difference – it tasted equally good. 

We tried the passionfruit and strawberry milkshakes respectively and I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing and has the right texture – not too liquid or too gelat. We were told that the milkshakes are also home-made and use cane sugar and soymilk in replacement of diary, talk about guilt-free!

For desserts, we had matcha, strawberry and durian ice cream amongst other flavours topped with an assortment of nuts, dried fruits and chocolate chips. Honestly, it tastes as good as the real deal, if not even better! In fact, some of us preferred the vegan ice cream because of its smoother and creamier texture. 

Brownice's signature brownie won us over with serving that  was really warm and fudgy, eat already really heart warming.

Apparently Brownice makes its ice cream with brown rice milk, fruits and nuts AND does not use chemicals/stabilisers/sugars/dairy products in its home-made ice cream. We were also told that one scoop of goodness is only about 100 calories, which is approx. one third that of normal ice cream.

Overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. Amidst the plethora of choices that the Katong area offers, perhaps it is worthwhile for vegans and non-vegans alike to eat a healthy Italian meal once in a while. Not to mention that almost everything here is home-made, so the homely touch to their dishes is definitely worth additional brownie points! Albeit a bit pricey, the healthy and homely touch to this bistro makes it worthy of multiple visits. 
For me, I will definitely be back for a guilt-free ice cream fix!

Brownice Italian Bistro
53 East Coast Rd
Singapore, 428771
nearby mrt: Dakota

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